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Eminence, Missouri, invites you to discover its natural beauty and small-town charm.

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About the City

Eminence, the county seat of Shannon County, is nestled in the heart of the Missouri Ozark hills. It is a very small, quaint town with a population of about 600 residents. Eminence was listed as “the top outdoor sports town in Missouri” in Sports Afield Magazine and as “one of the top 50 sports towns in the country.”

The crystal clear Jack’s Fork River flows through the middle of town and, along with the nearby Current River, attracts thousands of floaters and campers each year. Both rivers have beautiful, scenic views, an abundance of fish, and numerous opportunities to see many different types of wildlife. You might even catch a glimpse of our famous wild horses.

Get involved with the Eminence Chamber of Commerce

At the Eminence Area Chamber of Commerce, our mission is to promote community vitality through leadership of economic opportunity for the established and inaugural businesses serving the beautiful Ozark National Scenic Riverways area of Shannon County, Missouri. We accomplish these goals through our diverse membership of business owners and community leaders.
Our focus is to balance our objectives of community improvements and beautification to the benefit of our member businesses, area residents, and visitors alike.