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Eminence, the county seat of Shannon County, is nestled in the heart of the Missouri Ozark hills. It is a very small, quaint town with a population of about 600 residents. Eminence was listed as “the top outdoor sports town in Missouri” in Sports Afield Magazine and as “one of the top 50 sports towns in the country.”

Eminence MO sky line

Eminence was named one of the top 50 sports towns in the country!

The crystal clear Jack’s Fork River flows through the middle of town and, along with the nearby Current River, attracts thousands of floaters and campers each year. Both rivers have beautiful, scenic views, an abundance of fish, and numerous opportunities to see many different types of wildlife. You might even catch a glimpse of our famous wild horses.

Vacation and Travel gives their thoughts on Eminence, MO

“Eminence is one of the Ozarks’ treasures,” according to Today’s Woman Magazine. The July 2002 issue of the magazine includes an extensive article about Eminence and describes the town as the following: Eminence is a haven for canoeing, trail riding, hunting, fishing and camping. This area is home to the Jack’s Fork river which winds through Eminence, feeding into the Current River and surrounded by abundant caves, springs and waterfalls. There are quaint shops downtown and a diverse array of restaurants as well as numerous choices for lodging or camping. Other activities include a 9-hole golf course, rental horses for a trail ride, walking trails, and of course the many picturesque springs that are available to visit.

A view of the main street in Eminence, MO
Our town motto,

In addition to being the “Canoe Capital of the World,” Eminence is home to the nation’s largest organized trail ride. For those looking for a beautiful drive we offer “Scenic Highway 19” or “Main Street” as it is called when it passes through the center of Eminence. This highway winds through the beautiful hills and valleys north of Eminence displaying some of the most breathtaking scenery you may ever chance to view. Eminence is also the hometown of astronaut Tom Akers, former Principal of Eminence High School and veteran of four space shuttle missions.”

Come visit our small town where the hills and rivers meet. Our motto here is “stay a day or a lifetime,” … we’ll let you make the choice!